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     I hired NorwoodCarpetCleaners after my sister recommended their cleaning services. I didn't think I could afford a regular cleaning service, but their rates were much less expensive than I thought. They have been wonderful, they do lovely work.
Corina L.21/05/2020
      Norwood Carpet Cleaning Services are lifesavers. No one wants to spend the weekend cleaning!
     The cleaners from NorwoodCarpetCleaners arrived on time and provided me with a five-star service.
Kim W.27/04/2018
     Literally wouldn't cope without a regular home cleaning session from Carpet Cleaning Company Norwood, they make my house feel like a home instead of a pig sty!
Y. Nigels22/01/2018
     I can confidently say Carpet Cleaner Norwood are the best cleaning company I've had the pleasure of working with. Really professional and very efficient. Great value too.
Holly D.13/12/2017
     NorwoodCarpetCleaners pulled out all the stops on my house cleaning. I've never met a more well-organised team of workers and I was very happy to have them clean my home. Would hire again.
Ian Price15/09/2017
     There's only one domestic cleaning company for us. And we've tried them all. Just call Carpet Cleaning Company Norwood. You won't regret it - they are professional and totally cost-effective.
Jason L. 28/10/2016
     I'm glad I found Norwood Carpet Cleaning in my hour of dire need. They cleaned my stained carpet before my mother-in-law arrived and saved me a lot of embarrassment. Thanks so much!
Emma L.31/05/2016
     I am so pleased with NorwoodCarpetCleaners they have done a wonderful carpet cleaning service. I had a party and some red wine was spilt and the mess was horrendous. My mother gave me the number of this company as she had also used them. They were wonderful. I had a same day service call out and the cleaners were amazing. They treated the stain and removed it. The cost was not an issue I just wanted my carpet clean. Though I have to say the cost was very reasonable. I have now had a further service and had my bedroom carpets cleaned and the results are wonderful.
Robert H.27/02/2015
     I now make it a point to recommend NorwoodCarpetCleaners to as many people as possible. As someone who didn't really consider hiring in cleaning experts at any point in the past, I was utterly unaware of the ways in which they could help me. Well, I'm definitely a convert now and I'll be preaching to everyone else just how helpful they can be. Transformed my house, don't think I've ever know it cleaner. Amazing what an expert's touch can do.
Alfred Willis07/01/2015
     I have always hated cleaning and the time I have to spend doing it. Rather than go out and buy cleaning products I gave NorwoodCarpetCleaners a go and was really impressed with the service I received. Their cleaners were really efficient and they cleaned every room thoroughly, doing all the bits I would have missed like the front of the kitchen cupboards, the knife holder and the oven hood in the kitchen, and all the picture frames and skirting boards in the rest of the house. I have continued to use this cleaning company consistently and would recommend them.
Alex N.05/11/2014
     I can imagine that it's hard to believe just how great NorwoodCarpetCleaners is, considering that they're a low cost cleaning service and those typically come with a 'you get what you pay for' caveat. But believe it; this service is really worth looking at. I needed a cleaner, and I was on a fairly tight budget, so I had to shop around to find a company that fits. It was worth it though, because this company put an end to my cleaning worries. Never again will I be embarrassed about the state of my home! They did a magnificent job, and I'm truly thankful!
R. Joe29/08/2014
     The results my cleaner delivers are impeccable! Everything she does is to such a professional standard and everything is so well done that I actually feel guilty that they charge such a low price. I started off with her coming over once a week and I was so impressed with her work that I increased it to twice a week not much longer after she started. My friends and family are always asking how I manage to keep my house looking so good with a full time job and a family to look after, and every time I just smile and keep my little secret. I don't know what I'd do without NorwoodCarpetCleaners!
Mimie R.16/07/2014
     I wanted a cleaner for my home as a one off as I had visitors from overseas visiting and wanted to impress. I called a local company NorwoodCarpetCleaners to do a spring clean type service. Form chatting to the friendly and helpful office staff they guided me through the choice of cleaning services and costs. I was happy with the cost and set a date. The workers arrived promptly and we discussed what I needed doing and they got on with it. They worked very hard scrubbing, dusting, mopping and vacuuming. When they had finished the place looked stunning and smelt fresh and hygienically clean.
Steve Morris26/05/2014
     If you are looking for a cleaning service that offers both high quality service and affordable prices, then NorwoodCarpetCleaners is your best choice. I have been using their home cleaning services for years and am consistently impressed by the quality of their service. Their cleaning staff is enthusiastic and hard working. They provide routine home cleaning and I trust the cleaning staff to come into my home when I am not there. Their prices are affordable and extremely competitive in comparison to other cleaning companies. They offer many different cleaning services, so they are sure to have a cleaning option that is suitable for your cleaning needs!
Carly Marshall18/02/2014

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